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Dear Ray

Just a quick letter to thank you for all the excellent service you have provided to us at the Hotel and the Health Club over the years.

Combat Pests have proven to be reliable, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable throughout our professional relationship.

I look forward to our future working relationship

Mr A

Essex Country Hotel and Health Club



Since using your company's service the pattering of tiny feet we have experienced for the last number of years has ceased thank you for your continued assistance.

Mrs H, Kelvedon



A quick thank you to for disposing of our wasp nest so promptly, my husband and I were concerned that the children were going to get badly stung had you not been able to come out so quickly.

Ann & Patrick




Over the years of using your company we have never failed to be impressed by the prompt response to call outs.  Your pro-active approach leaves us with peace of mind that you will highlight any problems or potential problems throughout all of our sites.

Residential and Nursing Home Group



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