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Emergency Call Out

We understand that many pest problems are distressing, whether it is a wasp’s nest or a rodent infestation, any call we receive is actioned with out delay and a technician instructed immediately.

Depending on the nature of the problem the technician will decide a course of action taking into consideration points such as proximity to buildings, vunerability of residents etc. 

Annual Contracts

Firstly the technician carries out a thorough site survey and advises if there are any areas of potential risk and the steps that can be taken to minimise pest problems.  No charge will be levied for this service and there is no obligation to arrange a contract.

However should you decide to take an annual contract we would then do the following:

    * Install suitable monitoring stations
    * Install any necessary pesticide and bait stations
    * Compile a comprehensive visiting schedule
    * Provide an E.H.O. approved Customer Record Statement detailing:
          o Visits made
          o Action taken
          o Location of pesticides
          o Details of pesticides used with necessary antidotes
          o Planned future monitoring

Having worked closely with the E.H.O. our reports are fully compliant to their requirements, ensuring acceptable documentation is always to hand.                                                                                                                        

As you will appreciate it is our policy to provide customers with a thorough pest control service that is professional and gives reassurance.

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