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Rodents are rife in our towns and villages, more so now we have so many fast food outlets and are streets are littered with rich pickings for these vermin.

Call me straight away to eradicate these pests.




  • There are an estimated 60m - one for each person in the UK. Most of them are brown rats

  • Their average lifespan is 18 months and one pair can produce a colony of 2,000 rats in a year

  • Rats eat the equivalent of 10% of their body weight daily, consuming rubbish, leftover dog food, bird food and dog excrement

  • Each year about 200 people contract Weil's disease, an infection carried in rat urine which can lead to kidney or liver failure

  • Health officials in China are now giving wild rats food-flavoured birth control pills

  • A group of rats is called a mischief


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